Credit: Getty Images

So... this is awkward. Um, at The X Factor’s Finalists Party on Nov 5, Britney Spears and host Khloe Kardashian totally showed up in near-matching outfits.

Look, we know we didn’t like Khloe’s blue Smurfs dress the other night, but that’s no reason homegirl needs to swear off color altogether. Although, if we’re being honest, we kind of wish she’d adopt an all-black uniform from now on, just based on how hot she looked in this dress. She is working that short-skirted, defined-shouldered, “check out my red lipstick” black sleekness.

As for Britney? We love her. She tried really hard with those cage shoes and the zipper detail on the side harkens back to that bag we used to have that we liked a lot. The length could be a little shorter, because no matter how much we are worried about her facial gravity, her legs are still bangin. And look! She washed her hair! That’s like one step away from having it styled. Go Brit!

What do you think — are they both hits? Misses? Is one dominating the hell out of the other? Do tell.

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