Credit: FOX

Last week’s live elimination shows were so shocking and emotional that it’s hard to believe we’ll have to go through all the trauma again this week. On The X Factor, CeCe Frey and Willie Jones sang for survival in Demi’s Young Adults category. The two have been best friends on the show and so it was a tearful goodbye when CeCe was chosen to move on over Willie.

Credit: X Factor USA Photo: Willie Jones Gets Eliminated From The X Factor Live Shows Ep 2 on November 1, 2012

On The VoiceTrevin Hunte battled for survival against his close friend Terisa Griffin. Both performances were extremely moving, but Trevin’s caused tears to flow openly from the judges. The two contestants were shown crying in the wings after eliminations, even though Terisa was vocally stoked for powerhouse Trevin to move on. 

Credit: The Voice Photo: Terisa Griffin and Trevin Hunte on The Voice Knockout Round October 29, 2012

Although both shows' eliminations made us into soggy sobby messes, which one do you think was more shocking and saddening? Do you agree with the decisions?

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