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The 2012 Election has come and gone, and tragically our team effort to elect Britney Spears as President has failed. Which is why we are currently shivering under a blanket crying soft tears made out of glitter, eating McDonald's takeout from the ‘90s, and wearing butterfly clips. Thankfully, an even more important competition is upon us: The X Factor.

Please join us as we round up the top 10 quotes from this week's Live Show Episode I (The Phantom Menace), and feel free to yell Khloe's zingers so they are true-to-life.

10. Britney prepares for battle: "No room for mistakes, let's go to war."
Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

9. Emblem3 describe their relationship: "We've broken up and gotten back together many different times."
They're like the boy band version of sister wives.

8. Khloe flirts with Arin Ray: "You can definitely be my American boy."
Stoppit, Khloe.

7. Mario doesn't even pretend to know anyone in this competition: "Real quick Cece, how do you pronounce your last name?"
Hosting fail.

6. Simon bitch slaps Demi for her decorating skills: "I don't think you could have put any more on that stage."
Other than the bodies of former contestants.

5. Britney pretends not to hear Khloe: "Excuse me?"
Shade = thrown.

4. Khloe makes conversation with Tate: "The oil's coming off your face."
Wordsmithery, guys.

3. L.A. continues to speak in his own language: "I can't tell you I got chillbumps again."
For the love of Britney's weave, L.A., get it together.

2. Demi critiques Vino: "It left me speechless. Even though I'm talking right now."
Gasp, she's magic.

1. Demi pays Simon a compliment: "Who knew that in that rusty old brain there were some fresh, cool, hip thoughts."
May we present Simon and Demi's Forbidden Love: Part 1,000.

Carly Rose Sonenclar, Top 13 ~ The X Factor USA... by HumanSlinky
Credit: Human Slinky Photo: Watch Carly Rose Sonenclar Sing Bruno Mars's "It Will Rain" on X Factor Live Shows Week 2, November 7, 2012 (VIDEO)