Credit: Twitter

No one was more surprised by his elimination than Vino Alan himself — well, okay, maybe judge (and Vino fan) Khloe Kardashian. Speaking with the media backstage after his final The X Factor performance, Vino gracefully discussed what he’s looking forward to in his post-X Factor future.

Then, asked if he has any predictions for the remaining Top 6, Vino became animated. “Man, seeing this, and I don’t mean this boisterous at all, that they cut me, I don’t know. It is anybody’s game. CeCe’s in there, everybody. They cut me. I don’t know if they’ve got different ears on.”

Burn! CeCe Frey has certainly had to fight tooth and nail to stay in The X Factor game. Do you think Vino’s right — should CeCe have been eliminated instead of him or Paige Thomas?

Reporting by Gena Oppenheim.

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