Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Rachel Crow and Steve Jones on The X Factor Week 8, on November 10, 2011

Were yesterday’s reports on Steve Jones getting the axe premature? They seemed solid. Some even went off on a speculating tangent as to whether Nicole Scherzinger would replace him!

But if Jones himself has anything to say about it, the rumors are scandalously untrue! Indeed, according to NY Daily News, Jones’s representative (“a” representative, so maybe Jones has like a thousand), “[t]here have been absoltuely [sic] no coversations [sic!] about Steve Jones leaving ‘The X Factor[.]’”  Hopefully this guy’s testimony is more reliable than his grammar!

Of course, “no conversations” doesn’t necessarily mean “Steve Jones 2012!”  And didn’t some other representative report that Jones was “devastated” about the news?  How much more accurate would the news be without all these reps spicing up the broth?

Source: NY Daily News

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