Credit: The X Factor USA Photo: Melanie Amaro Lost in Thought

The X Factor has had Melanie Amaro show off a broad range of talents (and accents), but what sort of music will be on her first album? What kind of record does she want to make?

"I think for my first record I just want to do a R&B and pop or pop-soul, or just music that embodies it," she told The Official X Factor page. "I want people to sing and move around. I want people to love the music."

"I envision a big career ahead of me whether I win or not, but it’s always better to just win, so I really hope that you guys vote and keep me here. I’ve worked so hard to be in the position that I’m in."

When asked if she could picture herself in a famous arena like Madison Square Garden, Melanie squealed "Oh God! That would be nice!"

Well, now she's won the whole thing! Will she make the album she wants? Signs point to yes!

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Source: The Official X Factor Page