Credit: Official X Factor USA Photo: Marcus Canty: What's Next?

After weeks at the bottom and after singing a whole album full of survival songs, Marcus Canty's X Factor elimination on December 15 was almost a surprise; He seemed bulletproof. The show is at last over for Marcus but he's taking it very well. In his official exit interview he said:


"The pressure is off. I don't have to sing no more save me's. I don't got to worry about America shooting me down. I ain't got to worry about Simon (Cowell) giving me heat. I can just relax."  

Is relaxing all he has in mind? He went on to add:

"I want to cater to the ladies, obviously. Hopefully I can do some stuff with Paula (Abdul)." 

Maybe he can. After the way he held on all the way to the Top 4, we feel like maybe he can do anything. Including this list:

"I want to do everything - I want to be in movies, I want to be on television, I want my own sitcom. I need a nice, subtle, beautiful chick flick. I'm trying to do whatever." 

The sky's the limit, Marcus. We shall follow your career with great interest!


Credit: The X Factor USA Photo: Marcus Canty: X Factor Exit Interview [VIDEO]