Credit: FOX

What would you think about Emblem3 being best friends with brothers from mothers of other brothers? Can you even wrap your mind around that double helix double dose? OMG, SCIENCE! Unfortunately, no matter how hard we prayed about it, the Stromberg/Chadwick clan hasn’t yet hooked up with Hanson. (Can you imagine how magical that would be??)

But the boys from E3 — Keaton and Wes Stromberg and their BFF broseph Drew Chadwick — have been kicking it Huntington style with brothers Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, and also tweeting about it. Why the hangs? As we mentioned earlier in the week, the Madden boys are just two of the many awesome industry folks helping the X Factor Season 2 alum with their debut album.

On January 10, Drew namedropped the brocollab, tweetingBout to grab some dank food wit da boyyyzz@benjaminmadden @JoelMadden@wesleystromberg @KeatonStromberg what kinda food should we get??”

Burgers, brah.

Source: @DrewChadwickE3