Credit: Facebook

Age: 13
Hometown: Maplewood, NJ
Audition Song: “Cowboy Take Me Away” by Dixie Chicks  

This 13-year-old with the beautiful voice — and OMG that hair! — isn’t a total noob when it comes to being on the stage or screen. She’s been acting and doing voice work since 2009, including providing the voice of Molly for Toy Story 3! No wonder she pretty much owned The X Factor Season 2 stage — and even Simon Cowell wasn’t ready to let her go.

She goes by the nickname Bea, and of course loves dogs and horses like every adorable teenage girl should. But her real passion? Performing. We know because we were completely enamored by her! We aren’t the only smitten by her voice — her Youtube video of Christina Perri’s  “Arms” has tens of thousands of views! Check it out for yourself.

Source: Facebook, MaplewoodOnline

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Credit: Youtube Photo: Watch Beatrice Miller from X Factor 2012 Sing "Arms" by Christina Perri
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