Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About X Factor’s Boy Band

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More like who isn't Emblem3. These boys are omnipresent and fabulous, and are basically the bro equivalent of Destiny's Child.

Emblem3 is made up of brothers Wesley Stromberg and Keaton Stromberg, and their bestie, Drew Chadwick. The group grew up in the small town of Sequim, Washington, and started playing music when they were innocent youths. They packed up and moved to Huntington Beach, Los Angeles to pursue their passion for music, and thus Emblem3 was born.

Credit: FOX

The boys describe their band as "a splash of Sunshine, a dash of champagne, a dazzling flower and a few drops of rain, memorable nights, looking up at the stars, dreams of bright lights and fancy cars" and say their sound is "like Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz had a baby and Lil Wayne was babysitting." Um, amazing.

Emblem3 has played all over Southern California, including the Hard Rock Cafe, the Whisky, the Roxy, and the House of Blues — and it's no surprise. Wesley and Keaton come from a long-line of musicians and entertainers, so their talent is genetic! Their grandfather is a special effects artist who worked on The Titanic (omg, our hearts will go on), their dad is a Grammy-nominated film composer, their uncle is an Academy Award winning Art Director, and their mom is a composer and professional harpist. 

There's no denying that this band is the tops, so we'll leave you with the following musing courtesy of Emblem3's Facebook page. "A sound birthed somewhere in the midst of The confusion of society and the simplicity of nature. The best of both worlds including the raw serenity nature provides as well as the upbeat colors of the city."

Source: X Factor, Facebook, Wesley.me

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Credit: Sound Matrix Studios on YouTube Photo: Watch Emblem3 Members Wes and Keaton Stromberg Sing "Head Over Heels" in Pre-X Factor Days (VIDEO)