Credit: FOX

UPDATE: In the most epic shocker ever, Fifth Harmony was voted into the final three while Emblem3 was eliminated. BRB, sobbing forever.

The semi-finals are tonight, and you know what that means: Someone is going to get thisclose to their dreams before they are sent home in tears. So, who will it be?

If you guys were in charge, Fifth Harmony would be so gone, it’s not even funny. Well, 50% of you think so, anyway. The ladies made a big impression on December 12th’s show, but half of you think it wasn’t enough.

Seems like you guys are really out for the groups, guys. Another 31% of you are all done with “not a boy band” Emblem3. You guys. That hurts. That hurts all three of their hearts. And ours.

Solo-wise, you think Tate Stevens and  Carly Rose Sonenclar are safe and can be. Only 9% of you think Carly Rose is on her way off stage, while 10% of you are totally over Tate.

What do you think, are your votes reflective of reality?

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