Credit: Jason Brock

Occupation: Actor and singer
Hometown: San Francisco
Audition song: “New York State of Mind” — Billy Joel

Jason Brock walked onstage to his X Factor Season 2 audition looking like Adam Lambert’s congenial cousin, then proceeded to blow the lid off the auditorium with his rendition of Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind.” Turns out, Jason’s been around the singing circuit for awhile; the San Francisco-based singer is also an actor — and he hosts his own podcast! Of note: He once shared the stage with pop icon Debbie Gibson!

Jason’s talents were not lost on the judges. LA Reid told him, “you are completely flawless. Every songwriter wants a guy like you to sing their songs.” Demi said, “You sparkle and you ooze of joy when you’re singing.” The judges voted a unanimous yes, with Britney adding, “one of the biggest yeses I’ve ever given.”

Source: Jason Brock