While we’d be happy to have the helpful advice of all four of the lovely judge/mentors on The X Factor, some would probably be mo’ better than others. Namely, we respect L.A. Reid’s position in the music industry, but would rather he keep his chill bumps to himself.

Turns out? You feel the same way. A ton of you weighed in on our poll to tell us who you think the best mentor is this season. Only 9% of you thought L.A. was doing a kickass job with the Over 25s, while 20% of you think Demi Lovato could not be better as the Young Adults’ guiding light.

But who topped the chart — Britney Spears or Simon Cowell? It was a tie! 35% of you thought Brit-Brit’s masterful steering of the Teens is the best thing since midriff baring tops, and the same EXACT number of you want Simon and his chest hair to tell you what to do.

Do you agree with the results? In a total deathmatch between Brit and SiCow, who would win? Weigh in below.

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