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In the words of Britney Spears circa Womanizer, "boy don't try to front."

This pop superstarlet just called off her engagement to Jason Trawick, and it's time for her to brush off those sparkly shoulders and move on. Yep, Britney needs to go on the rebound, like, yesterday. We've rounded up five eligible bachelors who are somewhat worthy of being in her glorious orbit, and your job is to vote on the best of the best!

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1. Tim Tebow
He's a pro football player, Jesus is his homeboy, and he just broke up with Camilla Belle. What more do you want, Britney? What more do you want?

2. Prince Harry
Don't even begin to question it. They're both royalty.

3. John Mayer
Sure, he's kinda-sorta dating Katy Perry, but it's a well-established fact that John loves dating pop-stars, and Britney is the crème de la crème.

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4. Taylor Lautner
Yes, he is basically a man-child, but this is a rebound, guys. It's time for Britney to get her cougar on with everyone's favorite werewolf! Let's just hope he doesn't imprint on her dog.

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5. Simon Cowell
Hahaha, just kidding.