Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Jazzlyn Little Auditions During The X Factor Week 2 on September 29, 2011

The X Factor's getting down to brass tacks! We hope there aren't any REAL brass tacks on the stage, though, because a pony can bust a hoof on one of those sharp little guys.

As you've seen in the promo, what happens at Boot Camp is they open the trap door on all the goofbags who sneaked in (we're looking at yoooou, J. Mark Inman) and weed out all the also-rans. They pull the trigger and keep firing until only 32 are left, and then...the judges get to take them home.

But which home? Who goes where?

Here are the categories:



Anyone Over 30


So, for example, if she makes it through the grueling physical trials, Melanie Amaro goes into the Girls category. She's 18! Stacy Francis is a girl for sure, but...thirty is in her mascara-smeared rearview mirror, so she goes into the Anyone Over 30 bin. Anser (remember those guys?) go into Groups. Et-talented-cetera!

The judges each get a category to "mentor," but part of the drama will be who gets what. It's probably a sure thing Simon's taking the young girls, and it seems likely Nicole will take the Groups, but...what will Paula do? They going to stick her with the Ancients or give her the dudes? L.A. Reid don't care!

We'll know sooon!

Now, dance, fools! Dance for our pleasure!


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