Credit: Demi Lovato on Twitter Photo: Demi Lovato Without Makeup on March 2013

 For Demi Lovato, you can't be too careful.


While traveling recently, the X Factor judge spotted actress Gwyneth Paltrow and steered very clear.


Demi tweeted, "Sooo.. I'm sitting in an airport lounge and Gwyneth Paltrow is across the room. Had I not seen Contagion 10 times I'd probably be excited,"


Although Gwyneth's character did get a global pandemic rolling, her real life persona has yet to cause any massive health scares (as of yet), but perhaps Demi adheres harshly to the notion that life imitates art?


While waiting for her flight, Demi also found the time to butt dial Miley Cyrus to which the stars exchanged tweets laughing about it.


Demi's said "Oops.. Designer butt dial ;)@MileyCyrus miss you so much" while Miley answered "only real gangstas booty tweet designer #hermes" to which Demi said, ""Hahahaha it's so big, it has a mind of it's own, ya know?!!"


Fortunately for everyone involved, no more embarrassing butt dials were made and no global pandemics were jumpstarted.


Source: E! News