In the (paraphrased) words of Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Love Hewitt will be our hero, baby. She will kiss away the pain. The pain of Britney Spears leaving The X Factor.

Word on the street is that Jennifer is in talks to replace Britney as a coach on Fox's hit talent show, where she'll judge alongside Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell.

"Simon is very interested," a source tells US Weekly.

Um, and why shouldn't he be? As we all know, Jennifer's 2002 hit "BareNaked" was the bomb dot com — she'd be a perfect fit for The X Factor! Of course, Jennifer has been too busy whispering to ghosts and starring on The Client List to make music since the early '00s, but whatever. Lady knows her stuff — when it comes to 90s music. Anyone else remember her single, “BareNaked”?

Here’s the bad news. Jennifer has major competition. Both Reba McEntire an Kelly Rowland are also in talks to replace Britney (in fact, a source close to Kelly says her contract is "nearly a done deal"), and a X Factor rep says that Jennifer's involvement with the show is "pure speculation."

Sigh, a gal can dream, right guys? Hit the comments and tell us if you think Jennifer would make a good X Factor host.

Source: Us Weekly