Remember when Kelly Rowland popped on stage during Beyonce's Super Bowl performance? That was totally a sign of things to come, including but not limited to the fact that 1) her body's still too bootylicious for you, babe, and 2) she's possibly poised to make a comeback as the newest judge on The X Factor — at least according to The Daily Mail.

This Destiny's Child superstar was kicked off The X Factor UK, but the Daily Mail reports that she's gearing up to join Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato as Britney Spears' replacement on The X Factor USA. So, why was Kelly kicked off X Factor UK? Apparently, an unexpected sickness prevented her from being in England for a full week, and to make matters worse she wanted her salary tripled for her second season on the show. Ouch!

The Daily Mail also reports that Kelly's new gig with The X Factor USA won't be officially announced until FOX's upfront presentation in New York City this May, but they seem pretty certain that she’s a shoo-in. Though we're pretty curious about what Kelly would be paid... after all, her high salary demands didn't exactly go over well with our homies across the pond!

Do you think Kelly would make a good X Factor judge? There's no doubt that she's a seasoned veteran of the music industry, but she isn't exactly Britney Spears level famous. Spill your thoughts in the comments!

Source: The Daily Mail