Credit: Barbara Kinney/Fox © 2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: The X Factor Auditions: Seattle

Orrin Wilson had dreams of becoming famous, but not like this.


Just after auditioning for this season's iteration of The X Factor, Orrin realized he was in need of money and a car, so he took the initiative and sought to fill one of these needs. Problem was, he did so illegally.


Orrin staked out a gas station and bided his time until he spotted a patron who had left their motor running and doors unlocked.


From there, he stole the car and managed to elude the authorities for a short amount of time. Once spotted though, he led them on a 75 mph car chase scene that resulted in him being busted and the car being returned to the original owner.


When asked why he did it, Orrin informed the police that he'd done well in his audition and was anticipating a return for round 2 in New York City, so he was on the lookout for a car he could swipe to get him there.


Orrin remains in custody and his spot on The X Factor would seem to be in jeopardy. Who knows though? His inclusion may be enough to garner some ratings for a show in need of them.


Source: TMZ