Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: inTENsity Goes Home on The X Factor Week 6, November 3, 2011

We all watched as InTENsity sang their ten hearts out but were eliminated, and we all read highlights from their exit interview. But, with a ten-member group, you can't get everything into one place. We dug deeper and found some more quotes of interest.

On Paula Abdul:

(InTENSity member)  M. Bingham Shango:

I think Paula is one of the most amazing mentors because she was one of the only judges who was there every day, after rehearsals, studio, and she would always help us. She would actually be our choreographer. We didn’t have anybody else. She would always make it up, and it was just so amazing having her as a mentor.

A. Percario              

We couldn’t have gotten a better mentor. She always put in extra effort and she was always making sure that we performed our best. And when it came down to it, Paula had to say bye to one of her groups, which must have been really emotional for her. So I mean we’re not mad at Paula or anything. We respect her decision.

E. Wilson

We know that even though Paula chose Stereo Hogzz over us, we know she still had a lot of faith in us.  And we understand how difficult it was to have to choose one from her own category.


On having to sing for their lives against their friends:

J. Lindahl                   

The last thing we wanted was to be in the bottom two with another group, one that we worked really closely with and have hung out with a lot. It was just really sad that one of us was going to leave.

E. Wilson                   

We were all trying to think positive and really hope that we could just nail the “Save Me Song” and stay in, but we didn’t. 

M. Bingham Shango:

They’re a very great group. They’re fantastic. I wouldn’t have wanted to go from anyone else, but Stereo Hogzz, they’re our great friends and they’re amazing.


On Groups vs. Solo Performers:

J. Lindahl                   

It’s definitely a lot easier to connect with a solo artist on screen because if you’re only focusing on them with their talent and music you’re basically learning things about them. But with a group, let alone a ten-person group, you can’t really focus on every single person in the group, as you only get a limited amount of time with them. So I feel like America didn’t really get to connect with us a lot.

E. Wilson

I think, if anything, [The Stereo Hogzz] have a better chance now because once they were in the bottom two all of their fans are going to want to vote for them this week so that they’re not in the bottom two again. So that really gives them a big advantage.

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: inTENsity is Eliminated on The X Factor Week 6, November 3, 2011

On the whole experience:

A. Percario

This show literally makes you feel like a star and it really turns you into one as well, like the makeup, and wardrobe and hair, and it’s incredibly cool. And it’s a big performance. It’s not like any other show where it’s just stand on the stage and they sing. We have lighting and all of these cool sets.

E. Santiago

The best part of being in this competition is getting to share the stage and to be able to perform in front of millions of people with people who you love, with nine other people in this inTENsity group, and it’s just been really amazing.  It’s sad that it ends now.

E. Wilson

I think my favorite part about this was when they put us into our group, because this is like my family now and it’s really sad that we have to all go home. But it’s just a break. We’re just on pause. We’re not done.


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