Credit: Splash News Photo: Britney Spears and Demi Lovato at the X Factor Auditions in Dallas on May 24, 2012

Before Miss Brit reportedly walked off the X Factor set yesterday at auditions in Austin, TX, TMZ reported that The X Factor’s two newest judges — Britney Spears and Demi Lovato — weren’t exactly seeing eye to eye.

A teenage boy — the very first audition of the season — elicited completely opposing responses from the two pop princess judges, as can be heard in an audio recording of yesterday’s taping. After he finishes his performance, Demi has lukewarm feelings, remarking, “I don’t know where you fit and I don’t know what’s going to set you apart . . . you just gotta find out what makes you special and what separates you from all the other teenage boys in today’s industry.”

Britney follows up Demi’s comments with, “I think you could be bigger than the next Justin Bieber” — to which the crowd absolutely freaks out in applause!

Could this first audition be the beginning of a season-long battle between the two? It’s too early to say, of course, but the crowd certainly seems to be siding with Britney.

You can listen for yourself, here!

Source: TMZ

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