Hey, guys. Let's take a trip to Sunset Boulevard (the city of lights) and check in on Wesley Stromberg, who seems to have finally changed out of his white hoodie. Thank god.

Wesley and his fellow Emblem3 brosefs took a break from fantasizing about snowboarding Mount Whistler to snap a few photos with our girl CeCe Frey during The X Factor's finale, and OMG. Cutest. Couple. Ever.

Is that a lipstick kiss we see on Wesley's cheek? Yes, yes it is. Are they dating? We have no idea. But that would be amazing.

And by the way, who else thinks CeCe and Emblem3 should band together and form CeCe4, a shirtless tribe of street performers who sell hair extensions and skateboards in their free time? Their first single: Leopard Print Boulevard: City of YOLO.

Source: Instagram