CeCe Frey is the human embodiment of all our hopes and dreams... but hotter. The X Factor contestant was eliminated weeks ago, but we still miss her like all the time. Although haters constantly tried to get her down by calling her out for her singing abilities, or for, we dunno, being too awesome, she never let it outwardly affect her.

On the December 20 XF finale, CeCe arrived in style, dressed in a tiny, nude-colored bedazzled get-up and a white fur coat, like Aubrey O’Day with staying power. So, who was she rooting for as the final votes were counted and a new X Factor champ was crowned?

Being the SUPER CLASSY broad she is, she gave some love to all the finalists.

But it was Tate Stevens who got her full-on exclamation point treatment after he was named as the winner of Season 2.

So, what’s next for CeCe? We’re guessing fame, fortune, and more tiny dresses.