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The X Factor Season 2 finalists are an eclectic and talented bunch — from CeCe Frey’s fierce Ke$ha-esque look to Emblem3’s boy band revolution. But it’s 37-year-old country crooner Tate Stevens who has captured the hearts (and votes) of America. Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment at the Top 10 Finalists Party in Los Angeles, Tate humbly discussed what it feels like to be voted No. 1 for two consecutive weeks.

Credit: FOX

What does Final 10 mean to you?
What I honestly do, the theme or whatever it is, I just focus on that. As we go, being #1 the last two weeks, it speaks volumes for the country music fans, and the people who like what I do. I greatly appreciate it, it's humbling. But that week's over, now we're on this week. That's really what I focus on: what I have to do this week, to get better. I want to be better every week. I want every song to be as good as it can be, just to stay in the competition.

How do the rankings affect you?
I'm going to tell you what — it's kind of freaky, really, to stand there and look at that board and they call your name. Oh my gosh, you see how people go up and come down. It's definitely taxing. Some people are definitely folding — they're breaking a little bit. Like, how am I going to get out of that bottom two or three spots every week? Cece did great this week, she moved up a bunch. She was struggling with it. She's great. It was good to see her move. It's tough on everybody, it is.

If you were at the bottom what would you do?
I just hold my head up, and would do what I have to do to get better. If I stay around, sing my 'Save Me' song, if that is what it takes. And hopefully be up for the next week. It's always head up, looking forward.

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