Credit: Splash News

X Factor contestant Arin Ray has a lot of things going for him, namely his hotness and his amazing voice (Season 1 fans will remember him as part of the group InTENsity). During Arin’s cover of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” he and his duet partner worked the stage so hard judge Demi Lovato gushed, “my heart just melted.”

Arin is basically kryptonite for Demi and fellow judge Britney Spears, who were rendered semi-speechless after his X Factor Season 2 audition. Demi managed to say “hot,” while Britney got out a whole phrase: “true star.”

After Arin’s performance aired on October 4, 2012, Demi tweeted:

Yeah, sure, girl! Like you’re not trying to mack on that hotness yourself.

Source: @ddlovato