It was a night of controlled tension and tense control! All eyes were on the Top 4 and all minds had but one thought... who would be eliminated? While the contestants waited to see who wouldn't win the $5 million contract, a few folks with (larger?) contracts performed for us. Check 'em all out below in one convenient place.

First, the Top 4 themselves performed a surprising mashup of "No Diggity" and "Shout." Surprise! A really nice arrangement which allowed for some great individual vocal moments.

Then Florence + the Machine made full use of the light and power of the fully armed and operational sound stage! Here, she sings "Spectrum."

Then, reminding us that before she was a mentor or a judge or an executioner or anything else, Nicole Scherzinger was a singer. "Pretty" is from her new album, due for a 2012 release.

And then... the time for judgment was at hand! Steve Jones tells someone they have to go. They take it pretty well!