Credit: Ray Mickshaw / FOX Photo: Melanie Amaro Performs Adele on The X Factor on December 7, 2011

On tonight's X Factor USA Result, half as many people got kicked off but it hurt twice as much. After performances by Lenny Kravitz (Hunger Games) and Mary J. Blige (Ghost Whisperer), the votes were revealed.

They told us right away that Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene were safe.

That left Melanie Amaro, Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty still eligible for elimination. Surely, the answer was obvious. But... we've picked Marcus to go for a month, and no matter how many double eliminations or deadlocks or twists they throw our way, he. just. won't. lose.

And... they push Melanie through (no surprise). They might as well call the Bottom Two, "Marcus' Corner." It's like an interview show where he sings to you, and you get eliminated. Will he do Rachel the way he done Astro and Drew? What does Marcus have against children?

They sing for their lives. Marcus dares to sing a Mary J. Blige song with her in the building! Bold! He... kills it! Emotional!

Rachel does her weird "robot programmed to sing like an adult human" impression on an Etta James song. Smart choice! Good for her range!

She's in tears at the end.

Final votes:

L.A. Reid sends home Rachel

Simon Cowell expectorates Marcus

Paula Abdul releases Marcus

Nicole Scherzinger deletes Rachel

Deadlock!! America's votes FINALLY count!!!

Rachel Crow is eliminated!  Whaaaaaa!???!

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