Arin Ray may be gone from The X Factor Season 2, but we’re not the only ones keeping him in our hearts and minds after his elimination. Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, Arin talks about his “special friend” Normani Hamilton (of Fifth Harmony). Not only does Arin talk to her every day, but he’s hoping one day they’ll land on the same record label.

What about you and your “special friend” Normani, what’s going to happen there?
I talk to her every day, I call her and text her every day. She calls me. I definitely miss her, and I’ll definitely try to see her if I come back for the finale, which would be awesome. I’ll see her then. She’s real cool, so I’ll definitely try to go see her where she is and hopefully we both get signed so we can be label mates and do all that stuff, and live in the same area. I definitely would like to move out to Cali and I know they would love to do that too.

There was some talk about how having special friends can be a distraction. Do you think it is or is it helpful to have someone who understands what you’re going through?
You know, I actually think it makes it easy because it takes your mind off things that are going on. I actually think it makes it quite easy because it takes your mind off some of the things that go on and it's only a distraction if you make it a distraction. If you're not focused on what you should be doing then it's your fault. But if you know how to work around things like that you'll be fine.

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