Nothing against the American Idol winner so hot they named him twice, but Phillip Phillips is no Tate Stevens. And, it seems FOX felt the same way. As X Factor wrapped up, it was obvious that Tate had converted the whole world to one big Tater farm. And Tate Nation has spoken: WE WANT MORE! It’s all very scandalous, considering the American Idol winner was the one originally slated to help the balls drop.

The ten-gallon hero will perform on FOX’s New Year’s Eve Live! special on December 31 (which airs from 11PM - 12:30 AM ET), broadcast from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The whole shebang will be hosted (mind-bogglingly) by Marlon Wayans, who apparently lives outside of ‘90s slapstick comedies.

And Tate isn’t the only X factoid who will be involved. Simon Cowell’s lady friend Carmen Electra, who recently released her single “I Like It Loud,” will also be performing. Five bucks and a candy bar says Simon had something to do with getting her on that bill. Oh yeah, and Lifehouse... They’re playing too. Because, why not. The world didn’t end yet.