In our perfect world (which does not resemble Planet X in any way whatsoever), Demi Lovato would spend her Christmas singing carols in our living rooms. It would be like the way TBS does A Christmas Story: starting over as soon as it ends, and lasting a 24 hours. Except in Demi’s case, she would take turns singing with our other best friends who totally want to hang out with us, CeCe Frey and Lyric Da Queen.

But on planet IRL, Demi had a way less glamorous Christmas (hey, we use real plates and cloth napkins). Ms. D tweeted Went to Ihop for Christmas dinner last night... #youknowyourredneckwhen.... Hahaha yummm.” And an IHOP rep was just as excited to have her and her family in da house, telling TMZ, "We are thrilled that Ms. Lovato came to IHOP for her Christmas Dinner and we look forward to her visiting us throughout the year."

How was the meal? Delicious, we’re sure. Demi must have enjoyed her “Moon Over My Hammy” (our favorite), or whatever she ordered, because the pop princess tweeted, ‘So very thankful to have spent Christmas with the ones that I love. Literally the best Christmas I've ever had. It even snowed! In TEXAS!! ❤”

We ❤ you too, Demi.

Source: TMZ, Demi’s Twitter