Yandy Smith Says Mona Scott Young Not to Blame For Reunion Show Brawl (VIDEO)
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Yandy Smith Says Mona Scott Young Not to Blame For Reunion Show Brawl (VIDEO)

Yandy Smith may be from the Love & Hip Hop crew, but she’s sure got something to say about some of the allegations the stars in Atlanta are throwing around about executive producer Mona Scott Young. As you know, ATL’s Benzino claimed Mona had a hand in the Season 3 reunion show brawl that went down last month, and Yandy takes real issue with that kind of talk.

“Everyone’s saying that Mona sets things up and it’s Mona’s fault. I think that’s completely ironic,” Yandy recently told Bossip. “No one can put the bottle in your hand to throw. No one can write down in the script ‘Jump over the table now and slap her’ and think that you’re not going to get slapped back. There’s no script ’cause I’ve never seen it.”

As you can recall, just a few days after the heated reunion show brawl, Benzino took to Instagram to attack Mona for rewarding Joseline Hernandez for her bad girl behavior and called the exec out for her irresponsibility and lack of sympathy for the three women one being his fianceé, Althea Heart she attacked on set.

“THE WHOLE THING WAS A SET UP,” Zino captioned a photo of Mona and Joseline going to dinner just hours after the reunion show brawl.

While Yandy admitted to not being there to see it all go down since she isn’t a part of the Atlanta cast, she did say the idea of Mona setting up the fight is far-fetched.

“If it was set up, why didn’t you win? I don’t get it. That’s a lame excuse for people when things don’t turn out the way they want things to turn out,” Yandy said. “I definitely don’t think there’s something that was set up.”

Do you think the fights during the reunion show are staged or is it totally real? Sound off in the comments below!

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