Yaya Dacosta on Breastfeeding Newborn Son Sankara: Get Over It! (PHOTO)
Credit: Yaya Dacosta on Instagram    

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Yaya Dacosta on Breastfeeding Newborn Son Sankara: Get Over It! (PHOTO)

Since falling short as the runner-up on Season 3 of America’s Next Top Model, Yaya Dacosta has been busy acting, getting married, and having her first child. As an unofficial spokesperson for natural haired beauties everywhere, it’s no wonder why the 31-year-old new mom would be exploring more ways to go au naturale in her life, starting with her parenting style.

Yaya recently posted two pics on her Instagram that are gathering some serious attention. Both pics show Yaya softly cradling her baby boy Sankara at her breast. The photos were inspired, she says, by a friend who posted similar pics of her baby feeding as a way to showcase the intimate act as beautiful and natural.

“just heard about the uproar over @ash3nicole pic & had to post a copycat photo in solidarity,” Yaya wrote on her first post. “hope you don't mind, beautiful sistren. i'm so proud of you and stand by you! #breastisbest #whattheyaremadefor #getoverit #mamasunite #movement”

Yaya’s second pic, she says, was snapped at the request of her husband, Joshua Bee Alafia, who thought she should show more of her face. “so here's the other version. why not post #oneaday? vitamins for society! #normalizenursing.”

So far there have been nothing but positive comments left on both images. Some fans have been leaving hashtags to show support, such as #powertotheb00bies, while others leave a quick version of their own breastfeeding stories.

The outpour of support has left us feeling inspired, so we can’t even imagine how Yaya is feeling!

Source: Yaya Dacosta on Instagram