Yikes: Double Elimination Next Week on Dancing With the Stars Season 14 Week 6?
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Yikes: Double Elimination Next Week on Dancing With the Stars Season 14 Week 6?

Oh, this is bad. We're not even used to the idea of the Dance Duel yet — the first one just happened on the Dancing With the Stars Season 14, Week 5 Results Show after our correct prediction of Gavin DeGraw losing to Jaleel White. But it sounds like the ante is already going to be upped on Week 6.

On April 17, Robin Leach of Vegas Deluxe wrote of DWTS, "Tonight, the program institutes the new dance-off policy to tackle fan popularity voting, and it will be the judges who end the run for one of the celebrity teams. Next week: A surprise double elimination on the same terms!"

Double elimination?

@DWTSGossip tweeted a link to that story and added, "Next week on #DWTS : It looks like they'll reveal bottom 3 couples. The couple with the least amount of votes will get eliminated first. The 2 other couples will face off and the judges will decide who stays and who goes."

That's cold. Next week we’ll be down to the top eight so — if this really plays out as explained above — almost half of them will be in big trouble and a quarter of them will be eliminated.

As harsh as it sounds, a double elimination is kind of necessary if we’re going to stay on track for the rest of the season. Season 13 also started with 12 couples and since they eliminated one of them on Week 1 — and Season 14 started eliminations on Week 2 — we’re working with an extra couple that has to go away at some point.

Host Tom Bergeron didn't hint to anything during the Latin Week Results Show, but if this is really going to happen we should get some official news pretty soon. Scary!

UPDATE: On April 24, a fan asked Tom if there would be a double elimination tonight on the Week 6 Results Show. Tom replied, "Nope. Dance Duels tonight and next Tuesday but after that (ominous music cue)...#DWTS."

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Sources: Vegas Deluxe, @DWTSGossip

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