Yolanda Foster: “Brandi’s Mouth Is Absolutely Rude and Inappropriate” — Is She Team Joyce?
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Yolanda Foster: “Brandi’s Mouth Is Absolutely Rude and Inappropriate” — Is She Team Joyce?

After Monday night’s explosive episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the battle lines are clearly drawn — it’s Brandi Glanville vs. Joyce Giraud. Finally we’re starting to see exactly why these ladies are still feuding to this day on Twitter (we knew the whole “Jacqueline” incident wasn’t enough to ignite a feud of this proportions). And while you might expect fellow “Dream Team” member Yolanda Foster to side with Brandi, she has harsh things to say about both gals!

“Brandi and Joyce are like oil and water. Somehow in the five times they have met, they have brought out the worst in each other,” Yolanda wrote in her weekly Bravo blog. “What comes out of Brandi’s mouth is absolutely rude and inappropriate. Joyce on the other hand puts labels on Brandi that are extreme and might reflect her actions, but are not the person I believe she is.”

We have to admit that we applaud Yolanda for finally speaking out against Brandi’s mouth. So far this season, Brandi has been getting tons of attention for the shade that comes spewing out of her mouth — even getting a little racist a few weeks ago. That being said, it’s clear that Yolanda also blames Joyce. We’re sure Brandi isn’t as horrible as she has been portrayed this season — hey, she’s even apologized a million times — but Joyce is just calling it like she sees it.

At the end of the day, it seems Yolanda is more upset with Joyce’s husband Michael. The Puerto Rican beauty’s husband decided to step in and defend his lady in the latest episode and Yolanda has one piece of advice for him: zip it!

“Michael seems like a really nice man and under normal circumstances it's only natural for him to defend his wife,” Yolanda wrote. “But unfortunately the concept here is called ‘Housewives’ not ‘Househusbands.’” Oh please, Yolanda. Get over yourself.

What do you think about Brandi and Joyce’s feud? Should Michael have spoken up in defense of Joyce? Hit the comments and sound off!

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