Yolanda Foster and Hubby David Go ’20s Glam on Adorable Date Night (PHOTO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Yolanda Foster and Hubby David Go ’20s Glam on Adorable Date Night (PHOTO)

Every scene involving Yolanda Foster and her husband, David, on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is completely adorable. And the same could be said for a photo that Yolanda just posted of the two of them!

On March 1, Yolanda posted a pic to Instagram of herself and David all decked out in '20s garb. "❤️ Fun with My Love, My Life, My happiness @officialdfoster," Yolanda captions the cute shot.

This photo is truly priceless! Yolanda looks amazing in her flapper outfit, with the feather in her hair and that sequined gown. Plus, it is too funny to see David with that fake mustache, white tie, and fedora! Gotta love the 'stache.

It's nice that Yolanda has such a happy home life, given that things have been turbulent for her on the show lately. We've seen her battling Lyme disease on the show, and she has also been butting heads with Lisa Vanderpump.

Yolanda recently addressed why she confronted Lisa in last week's episode. "Some of you speak about jealousy, but trust me, it is not part of this equation at all," Yolanda writes in her Bravo blog last week. "There is nothing that Lisa is or has that I want." Ouch!

What do you think of Yolanda and David's costumes?

Source: Yolanda on Twitter