Yolanda Foster: Lisa Vanderpump Is a “Hollywood Friend” — and “Extremely Strategic”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Yolanda Foster: Lisa Vanderpump Is a “Hollywood Friend” — and “Extremely Strategic”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster has a lot to say about Lisa Vanderpump canceling on her painting party at the last minute during this week's episode.

"It was hurtful because [Lisa] supposedly is the closest to Gigi and I out of everyone in this group," Lisa writes in her Bravo blog. "If she truly had a business meeting, [she] should have called me the night before."

"Being a last-minute thought on her mind showed her insensitivity, not only to me as a friend, but also a sign of disrespect to everyone else's time who did make the effort to keep the commitment that had been on the calendar for three weeks," Yolanda continues.

Yolanda says this made her realize that Lisa isn't a true friend. "This incident only again confirmed my longtime suspicion that Lisa is an extremely strategic player and just another Hollywood friend to me," she says. "This absolutely does NOT make her a bad person or any less fabulous, but it just puts her in a different compartment in my heart."

"I really gave her the benefit of the doubt because I wanted to believe that she was the friend she says she was, but like my line goes: 'Don't tell me you are my friend, act like one,'" Yolanda writes.

Do you think Yolanda is being too hard on Lisa, or does she have a point?

Source: Yolanda's Bravo blog