Yolanda Foster Looks Stunning on the Cover of The Lyme Times (PHOTO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Yolanda Foster Looks Stunning on the Cover of The Lyme Times (PHOTO)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster has struggled with lyme disease, and now she is doing everything she can to raise awareness for the disease.

Yolanda who has suffered from lyme disease since last year graces the newest cover of The Lyme Times, the quarterly magazine published by LymeDisease.org. Congrats, Yolanda!

"❤Unfortunately not a very glamorous cover but a story that must be told for those who can't be heard#LymeDiseaseAwereness #WeMustFindACure," Yo writes on Instagram, along with posting a photo of her cover.

She also posted the cover on her Facebook, where she again admitted that the story is "not very Beverly Hills Glamorous."

But the fact that the story might not be "glamorous" is what we love about Yolanda. Rather than feel embarrassed of her plight, she is courageously sharing her struggle in hopes that it might benefit someone.

And how about the fact that Yolanda looks totally gorgeous on the cover? We don't know how she does it, but Yolanda continues to inspire us while simultaneously taking everyone's breath away with her beauty.

Earlier this month, Yolanda had taken to Twitter to reveal that she sometimes struggles to leave her bed in the morning. "Been in bed all day, needed to use the f-bomb to get myself motivated and inspired to pull it together #lymediseasestruggles #annoyedmyself," she tweeted on September 7.

We continue to wish Yolanda all the best in her battle with the illness.

Source: Instagram