Yolanda Foster Reveals She Turned to Electroshock Treatment to Help With Lyme Disease
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Yolanda Foster Reveals She Turned to Electroshock Treatment to Help With Lyme Disease

Throughout the past year, we’ve been worried about Yolanda H. Foster. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s been dealing with the crippling effects of Lyme disease and has kept her fans in the loop the whole time. Yo recently opened up to Life & Style about her struggle along the way.

“Every day I’m fighting for my life,” the reality star told the mag. “For the past year I’ve felt like I was in prison in my head.” Yikes, that sounds absolutely terrible.

While the former model has maintained her gorgeous appearance on the outside, the same couldn’t be said for her mental state. “I had such severe neurological Lyme disease, it shut down the function of my left frontal lobe,” Yolanda continued. “I couldn’t write, I couldn’t read — I was in bed for eight months staring at the ceiling.”

Yolanda recalls the low point, last February, when she learned her brain function was down to a staggering 20 percent. She says that was when her doctor recommended a special clinical trial that utilized electroshock therapy to reactivate parts of the brain. And, luckily for Yo, it worked.

“I started to think I was going insane,” Yolanda recalls of her life before the treatment. “There were times I felt I couldn’t live another day this sick.” It breaks our hearts to to hear this!

Thankfully, with several treatments left, Yolanda says her brain function is up another 20 percent — a huge improvement. “I realize how blessed I am to have all that I have,” Yolanda said.

We are so proud of you, girl. Stay strong!

Source: Life & Style

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