You Ask, We Answer: Hanna, Jenna, and Mona Explained

Pretty Little Liars

You Ask, We Answer: Hanna, Jenna, and Mona Explained

So many mysteries, so little time! We tackled some of the biggest Pretty Little Liars fan questions out there and answered them just for you. Take a moment to check out our answers, then add some of your own questions (or answers!) in the comments below. But be warned: juicy spoilers ahead!

Q: Who is Mona everybody is talking about? and who is Ian (the memorial guest)?

A: Well, that’s technically two questions in one, but we’ll allow it! First, Mona: Mona and Hanna became friends back when both were unpopular outcasts, and now Mona is Hanna’s wise-cracking hanger-on who likes to point out everyone else’s flaws. Needless to say that between bitchy Mona and even bitchier Ali, it’s no wonder that Hanna now likes being friends with Lucas. We all need to have at least one friend who’s a pushover!

And Ian is an older guy who used to date Melissa Hastings, Spencer’s sister, and may or may not have had a thing with Spencer (which Ali may or may not have known about before she disappeared)! Regardless, Spencer clearly has a thing for the older guys! The next thing you know, Larry King will be dropping by the show to play her love interest.

Q: My friend told me jenna is on hanna montana forever and i think shes on flicka 2 r we both right?

A: You’re both right! Everybody wins! Jenna is played by Tammin Sursok, who is best known in her native Australia, where she is a pop singer and starred on the popular Aussie soap, Home and Away. She moved to L.A. to pursue acting in 2006, and she shortly thereafter began a long run as Colleen on The Young and the Restless. She has since had a recurring role as Siena on Hannah Montana, and played Carrie in Flicka 2., in which she wore a cowboy hat. We’re having trouble picturing Jenna in a cowboy hat, but maybe that’s just us!

Q: Why did ali ( in this weeks episode ) tell hannah " dnt look back something may be gaining on you "?

A: Hanna struggled with her weight when she was younger, and she was a lot less popular before she lost weight. So Ali — being the kind, supportive friend that she is — can never resist reminding Hanna of that fact. Hence, the “gaining on you” reference. (And we thought Jillian on The Biggest Loser could be mean at times!)

07.31.2010 / 03:12 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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