“You Better Spank That Dog” and More WTF Quotes From Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 5!
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“You Better Spank That Dog” and More WTF Quotes From Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 5!

This week’s episode of Teen Mom was a roller coaster (sorry, soulacoaster) of LOLs! Farrah’s mom was nonstop hilarity, Gary blew our minds during a therapy session, and Bentley had an entire conversation with himself. Check out the seven best quotes of the night!

7. Farrah's mom gives her some advice: "You better spank that dog."

Life lessons all over the place in this house.

6. Bentley gets his detective on: "Where's my green dirt bike? Is it in the couch? Where is that dirt bike? I found my green dirt bike! See? It’s not lost."


5. Sophia bonds with her puppy: "Mama, look!"
Farrah: "Don’t beat him!"

Uh oh, sounds like Soph's getting advice from her grandma.

4. Amber eyerolls at Gary: "My criminal case is already done, dork."

Little did she know....

3. A rehab therapist asks Gary about Amber's progression: "What difference do you notice?"
Gary: "Like, she’s more colorful."

Basically, she's the Rainbow Brite of Teen Mom.

2. Maci greets Kyle: "What are you doing?"
Kyle: "Burning to death."

Wow, what an upper.

1. Farrah's mom celebrates good times: "Sophia, we’re going to have ice cream, and cake, and cake."

The world "cake" should always be repeated twice as far as we're concerned.

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