“You Know What’s Perky? My Boobs” and More Grey’s Anatomy Quotes: February 17, 2011
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Grey's Anatomy

“You Know What’s Perky? My Boobs” and More Grey’s Anatomy Quotes: February 17, 2011

Since Meredith was the main character of this Grey's Season 7, Episode 15 (even more than she usually is, that is to say), most of the best quotes were either spoken to her or by her. But — spoiler alert — the very best quote didn't involve her at all. Read on.

10. Richard [to Meredith]: "You got Alzheimer's on the brain."
Thankfully, this was not a doctor's ill-worded diagnosis. It was instead the Chief telling Meredith to not make mountains out of molehills, even if those molehills are Adele's memory lapses.

9. Alex [to Lucy]: "I was supposed to take Avery, but screw him."
Does the phrase "Bros before OB/GYN hos" mean nothing to Alex? (We're just speaking figuratively, Lucy. You're no ho.)

8. Meredith [to Cristina]: "Whereas if you're my baby's godmother-in-waiting, it's only me and Derek. One wrong turn down a dark, twisty road — boom! You're in."
Mer morbidly entices Cristina to be her child's godmother instead of Callie's baby's. And writers, don't think we missed the instance of "dark and twisty" there. Very thematic.

7. Meredith [to Cristina]: "You know what's perky: my boobs. They're huge. Am I supposed to like big boobs?"
We don't know, Mer, why don't you ask your old friend Izzie? Oh yeah, because she's nowhere to be found.

6. Stewart: "I was just showing these guys how when I scrunch up my eyebrows the knife moves. See?"
We gotta love the guy, but he's making us a little queasy. And hey, Foley artists, the brain-squishing sounds aren't helping.

5. Derek [to Meredith]: "Uh... never ask me what I might have seen or might not have seen in there."
He saw Bailey having sex. Bailey saw him and Meredith having sex in Season 1. The scales are now balanced.

4. Meredith [in narration]: "How much can you actually accomplish in in an hour?"
Is Meredith Grey stating the conceit of the episode or challenging us to a productivity-off?

3. Derek [to Meredith]: "Drop your pants. C'mon, I'll be quick. I'll be in and out."
Boy golly. We haven't heard such a direct come-on since Izzie and Alex in the supply closet circa Season 2.

2. Meredith / Teddy: "How many of these ruptured dissections have you caught in time to operate?" "Forty, maybe fifty." "How many have you been able to save?" "Three."
Meredith learns the odds she and Teddy are up against, and they're not pretty. Poor Oliver never stood a chance.

1. Henry [to Teddy]: "He wears driving gloves. Yeah, and he doesn't live with his mother, but until recently, he lived above her house. And he used the word 'shan't' and he wasn't being funny. And he has yet to tell me a story about himself in which he is not the hero. So, as your husband, I think we can do better."
Hilarious though this might be, we'd hate to hear Henry's evaluation of us after an hour in the waiting room. He's kinda cutting.


The Meredith Grey Episode: Grey's Season 7, Episode 17

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