“You Peed on My Foot!” and Other Great Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 10
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Jersey Shore

“You Peed on My Foot!” and Other Great Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 10

Deena invented new words! Snooki hunted the great white whale! Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 10 was chock full of oratory gems — so put on a clean T-shirt, slap on some baby oil, and check out our personal faves.

10. Deena: "I, like, was so hystatic that I almost cried. Hystatic is, you know, when you're like super happy and, like...really happy."
The saddest part? — Deena's actually a college graduate.

9. Ron: "It was shocking for you to walk through the door, nothing for nothing."
Not for nothing, Ron, but we're pretty sure that "nothing for nothing" isn't an actual expression.

8. Snooki: "The plumbers are here finally. The fat one is actually kind of cute. Like, I would definitely hang out with that."
It's nice to see Snooki dealing with the whole Vinny/rejection thing in a really healthy way.

7. Deena: "I have a napkin in my purse. I have a napkin with a number. It's a napkin, but it's a number on it...and I'll keep it always."
Does anyone else think that a boozy night out with Deena would be the most amazing, but terrifying, but amazing, but terrifying thing ever?

6. Pauly: "The water's green, bro — the water's green! It's like algae!"
The phrase "dirty little hamster" doesn't even come close to describing Toiletgate.

5. Vinny: "Dominican girls are hot because they can dance, they can move, they got tans, they got big butts, you know, nice full lips. And Dominican girls got that flavor that an Italian guy needs."
Vinny, you're going to be...such an amazing cultural ambassador when the show travels to Italy next month.

4. Ron: "I don't know what's going on in Sam's head. Every time she says 'I'm done, I'm done, we're done, I'm done, you're done, we're done, I'm done, you're done, duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-done done' — like, I don't even know at this point."
And you expect us to know?! Seriously, dude, lay off the Ron-Ron juice for a bit.

3. JWOWW: "It won't be long before Mike's d**k falls off."
Coincidentally, Ron also thought that both cheese and farts cause pink eye. Moral of the story: don't turn to any of the Jersey Shore cast for medical advice.

2. Deena: "Eww, you peed on my foot!"
It's actually hard to name something in Seaside Heights that JWOWW hasn't peed on.

1. Snooki: "Oh I defintely want to try again with Vinny. I actually named his penis Moby Dick."
Ahoy, matey! All hands on deck.


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