“You Putt Good With Your Putter?” Top 12 Quotes from Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 7, Episode 11
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The Kardashians

“You Putt Good With Your Putter?” Top 12 Quotes from Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 7, Episode 11

This week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was just full of memorable quips. Between Bruce sauntering around with a new “pal” Angie Everhart, Rob sulking after moving in with Khloe and Lamar, and Kris exacting revenge by linking up with an old flame, things got intense. Here a dozen of our favorite quotes from Season 7, Episode 11!

Ah, Snap!
Kris (to Bruce, about getting him to join the family for dinner with Lance Bass): Pants and shoes. Like an adult.

The Good Daughter
Bruce: When you were that age, we didn’t even talk about dating.
Khloe: And look how amazing I am. I’m the only one of your kids who’s actually married. You’ve got one that’s got two babies out of wedlock, one that’s been married twice, and this guy wants to move back into my house.

Dry Cleaning vs. Tee Time
Kris (to Bruce, about picking up her dry cleaning before his golf game): So you’re not going to get my stuff because you’re with Angie [Everhart]?

Golf Innuendos
Angie Everhart (to Bruce): You putt good with your putter?

Espionage Extraordinaire
Kris (to Kim): You should be like a super spy. You could have an office and make like bazillions how good you are.

Whoops, Wrong Celebutante
Kris: Do you have a night vision camera?
Kim: No that was Paris Hilton.

Team Angie?
Kim (as she and Kris spy on Bruce and Angie’s golf game): You don’t want Bruce looking that pathetic and playing by himself. Maybe you should be thankful he has a buddy!
Kris: Not when they look like Angie Everhart.

Where There’s Smoke...
Kris: Oh my God, I see red hair!
Kim: Well, you know what that means… firecrotch.

New Chapter or History Repeating?
Kris: Sometimes you just feel like in a marriage like you just don’t know whether to hang on anymore or not. Sometimes I think there is another chapter for me.
Noelle: Without Bruce?
Kris: Yeah.

Freudian Slip?
Khloe: Rob, Lamar thinks I’m like Cleopatra and I’m gonna marry my brother.
Rob: It’s not gonna happen.
Khloe: You won’t f**k me?
Rob: I can’t even look at you when you say that.

Bruce (to Angie): To be honest with you a woman that’s not yelling at me, I like that.

To Be Continued
Todd: I think timing’s everything.
Kris: I think timing is everything, exactly.
Todd: How much time do we have tonight?
Kris: Uh, how much time do you need?

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