You Tell Us: Which Jersey Shore Castmate Changed the Most in 2011?
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Jersey Shore

You Tell Us: Which Jersey Shore Castmate Changed the Most in 2011?

Jersey Shore hasn't been around very long, but we've already seen most of the cast transform in front of our eyes. From Snooki's slimdown to Sammi and Deena's more covered-up fashion, we've been shocked by some of the changes.

What we want to know is which cast member had the biggest change in 2011. From physical transformations to personality transplants, which Macaroni Rascal is a completely different person now than they were a year ago? We have three top picks:

Snooki: In 2011, Snooki settled down with a man she plans to marry, and dropped 18 pounds off of her tiny frame. Sure, she still gets hella drunk on TV, but in the real world, she looks and acts like a completely different person.

Situation: The Situation is still ab-tastic (more or less), but in 2011 he went from entertainingly snarky to just plain annoying. It's hard to believe, but back in Season 2 he was one of our favorite characters, because he stayed out of the drama and just laughed along. Everything went downhill as soon as he started sticking his nose in other people's business. By the time he was running into a wall in Season 4, we were on the wall's side.

JWOWW: Whether you think it's plastic surgery or believe JWOWW's denials, there's no question that the shore's bustiest guidette has had a major facial transformation. But it goes deeper than that. Ever since meeting her boyfriend, Roger, JWOWW has gone from raging party girl to someone so reasonable and together that we consider her the house mom.

Who do you think has changed the most?

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