“Your Cupcakes Taste Like Old Pennies” Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 5
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Pretty Little Liars

“Your Cupcakes Taste Like Old Pennies” Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 5

Pretty Little Liars proves that anyone can lie, but it takes practice to do it with style. We've rounded up the best quotes from this week’s episode, Season 3, Episode 5: “That Girl is Poison,” including a discussion of the type of pizza that would never have leftovers.

11. Paige: “I’m not drunk, I’m hungry and your cupcakes taste like old pennies.”
Why does Paige know what pennies taste like?

10. Toby: “I’ll wait for the ‘She’s Leaving Rosewood’ party.”
We’re guessing there will be games, like “Pin the Devil Horns on the Jenna.”

9. Hanna: "I'm too depressed to work a zipper.”
Elastic waistbands to the rescue!

8. Spencer: “I haven't been able to brush the back of my head in, like, a year and a half.”
And yet her hair still looks as fabulous as always.

7. Ms. Marin: "Do you have plans tomorrow?"
Hanna: "Yeah, I'm going to listen to every sad song I've ever downloaded on repeat."
Hanna is throwing a pity party, and there’s only one person on the guest list.

6. Spencer: “Em, [Garrett’s] mom is in a coma she’s not doing a lot of reading.”
She could be listening to books on tape?

5. Hanna: “I gotta get back to the church, or I’ll be sorting pantyhose the rest of my life.”
Even in tough times, we can always count on Hanna’s flair for the dramatic.

4. Spencer [about Jenna]: "She's been gliding around school all day like a Thanksgiving float.”
Well, Jenna certainly is full of hot air.

3. Ezra: “You leave my lime alone!”
Aria: “I was just going to pet it.”
It might be time to find that lime a good obedience school.

2. Emily: “Should we grab a pizza and go over there?”
Spencer: “Not unless the topping is Caleb.”
Best. Pizza. Ever.

1. Spencer: "Every time you ‘baby squirrel’ Ezra, you're taking away his nuts."
Spencer wins the award for “Best Line Ever.” Yep, best ever.

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