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“You’re A Creeper And You Drain People’s Blood!” Stupidest Quotes From The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 3

While watching The Bachelor do you ever find yourself asking, "Where the hell do these fools come from?" Yeah, you're not alone. Dumb stuff gets blurted out on The Bachelor on the reg, and we're here to capture all of those golden moments — just for you. Here are our picks for top 10 most boneheaded lines from Season 16, Episode 3:

“You’re A Creeper And You Drain People’s Blood!” Stupidest Quotes From The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 3

10. Courtney Robertson [on Blakeley Shea]: "She's the kind of girl that your boyfriend cheats on you with."
Wait, is that what happened to send Lindzi Cox to Dumpsville?

9. Ben Flajnik [to Emily O'Brien]: "Talk to me, Goose."
It’s not exactly Cupcake, but it’ll have to do. Dang you, Top Gun, for not having cuter nicknames!

8. Nicki Sterling [during ski date]: "Ben is so hot that the snow that he touched was melting."
Or.. it could've been that you were in California.

7. Emily [before having to climb the bridge]: "I feel like I want to die. I am horrified of this. Get me out of here. I can’t do it. "
Dedicated to Brittney and Shawntel, who should’ve said this themselves.

6. Ben: "Butt skiing backward is on my leap list."
How about getting engaged to a shrill mean girl? Because you're pretty dang close to achieving that one.

5. Courtney: "Nicki, bless her little heart, she's so sweet but, like, you look like an idiot."
Speaking of...

4. Rachel Truehart: "I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t like the bitch."
Likewise, we’re sure.

3. Courtney [to Ben]: "I think we'd make cute babies."
Too soon? Not if you're a model, apparently.

2. Erika Uhlig [on Shawntel Newton]: "I think she’s uglier in person, which made me feel better. And she’s got thicker thighs than I do, which always makes me feel better."
Wow, a pageant girl acting cruel and shallow. Shocker.

1. Rachel [about Shawntel]: "You lost your chance because you’re a creeper and you drain people’s blood for a living."
So she’s perfect for True Blood — plenty of hotties there, Shawntel!

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01.17.2012 / 10:07 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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