Yung Joc Breaks The Internet Wearing a Blue Dress
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Yung Joc

Yung Joc Breaks The Internet Wearing a Blue Dress


Yung Joc is known to keep his name in our mouths.

Last year, the rapper had us talking about his laid-to-the-Gods hairstyle and even asking, "what hair relaxer did he use?"

Now the Atlanta native has us sounding off about his interesting attire.


Yesterday, a picture of Yung Joc floated around the internet and it caused a stir because he was wearing a dress.


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In the photo, the "It's Going Down" rapper stood on the street while someone snapped photos of him.

The internet hilariously dubbed the blue frock as a bridesmaid dress.


(To be honest, the design is a bit outdated and looked like a Cleopatra Halloween costume.)


However, some social media users took their taunting a step further and began to question Yung Joc's sexual orientation using homophobic commentary.


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And Yung Joc wasn't having it.


In a series of now-deleted Instagram videos, Joc explained why he wore the dress in the first place.

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"It's called internet manipulation. This is gonna be one of the craziest times ever." Joc said, later adding that he's on four VH1 TV series, some set to premiere soon, Complex reports.


"Get with it. It's just a thread. It's just some shit a man made. It's a thread. It's nothing.

"Now, if you give me a shield and a spear and put a goddamn leather, metal belt around my waist, then I might look like a motherf—king Roman, 300, Sparta. But that's another case," the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star expounded.


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"All I'mma [sic] say is, quit being so judgmental, people. It's threads."


He closed his statements by noting he will not be addressing this issue further until "the show" comes out. However, he didn't give any details about what the show is about and when it will be airing.


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Despite his educated clap-back, the Internet didn't care.


They continued to react, as such:

Even 21 Savage joined in, apologizing to the world on behalf of Atlanta for Joc wearing a dress:


Seems like activist Amber Rose needs to get her man.

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How did you react to Yung Joc's blue gown? Spill the tea in the comment section!