Zac Efron Is Butt Naked in New Movie Trailer (VIDEO)
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Zac Efron Is Butt Naked in New Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

Honestly, we think the entire trailer for That Awkward Moment could have just been naked Zac Efron on a loop. That would totally sell movies. Yet some movie exec somewhere decided we needed a little more convincing to see this particular rom-com and so also included footage of fully dressed Zac Efron not that we’re complaining…much.

What’s funny about Zac’s butt naked scene is that he’s not exactly being sexy. In fact, Zac’s on the toilet — horizontally. Why? Because he and some buds decided to pop a “boner pill” and now, well, they can’t aim properly. The solution: horizontal peeing.

As awkward as that particular moment looks to be, we doubt it’s the one the movie title refers to. Judging from the trailer, out-of-the-box bathroom techniques are actually low on the list of awkward things Zac and his best friends, played by actors Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, get up to (Viagra pun totally intended).

Zac Efron Is Butt Naked in New Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

In the rest of the trailer, we see Zac and company running around town, causing trouble, and trying to win the hearts of their respective lady friends. In Zac’s case, this includes attending a “dress up” party in a totally NSFW costume. Enjoy.

Look for Zac’s naked butt on the big screen in January 2014.

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