The Vampire Diaries

Who Is TV’s Hottest Vampire According to Zach Roerig? (VIDEO)

Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes, Katherine Pierce — The Vampire Diaries has enough hot vamps to fill a little black book. Add in the other supernatural hotties we’ve seen on TV (think True Blood’s Pam, Darla on Buffy, and Bianca on the short-lived series The Dresden Files), and it gets really hard to choose which fanged female is the sexiest of them all!

Ask Zach Roerig, however, and he’s quick to tell you what’s what in the world of lady vamps. In a recent interview leading up to Season 5, the TVD star reveals who he thinks outdoes the rest.

“Going into Season 5, I’m looking forward to continuing the relationship that Matt had going on with Claire Holt — aka Rebekah, the hottest vampire on television.”

In the Season 4 finale, we watched as Matt agreed to travel the world with the Original vampire, adding that “This isn’t gonna work, so whatever happens on the road stays on the road.”

“To say that to a very powerful and very beautiful vampire really takes some gumption,” Zach explains. “Matt’s always stuck to his guns when it comes to principles and what he values, so I thought that was cool.”

Watch more of Zach’s interview in the video above!