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Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’s Wedding On Hold — Are They OK? (VIDEO)

If you're eagerly awaiting the nuptials of X Factor UK power-couple Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, you might want to find something else to distract you for a while. According to UK rag Metro, the One Direction cutie and the rainbow-haired Little Mix singer, 21 and 20, have postponed their wedding plans. They're too busy to tie the knot just now, Perrie told the paper, since they both have super-busy touring schedules.

So how long are they postponing their wedding? Perrie tells Metro that her schedule is packed until at least May of 2015. "After that, once it starts dying down a little bit touring-wise, we’ll be able to get into it," she assures us while backstage at a London concert.

While long-distance is always hard — especially for two people who are constantly touring — Perrie says there's a bright side to her situation. ‘It makes it a bit more exciting because you don’t get to see each other, so when you do see each other, you get butterflies," she gushes. "It’s nice. It would be hard if we didn’t feel like they were worth it."

Last we heard from these two little lovebirds, there was a rumor going around that Zayn was trying to reunite the band Journey to celebrate the pair's, ahem, journey together, so it's probably for the best that this wedding won't be happening for a minute. Reuniting Journey takes time, dude. (Also, real talk: We need as much time between us and that "Don't Stop Believin'" renaissance as we can possibly get before any kind of Journey reunion.)

Do you think the wedding postponement is just two incompatible touring schedules, or something more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Metro